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Kia ora, hello!

My name is Rhiannon. 

(Pronounced Re-An-In. It means ‘Goddess’ or ‘Witch’ in Welsh… depends on the day really...)  


I'm a graphic scribe artist with a passion for social change and regeneration.


I specialise in transformational spaces with a focus on inclusivity. I work in spaces such as leadership, equality, women's empowerment, mental health and LGBTQIA+ communities. 


I help people to visualise a better future through drawing - so it feels more real, more tangible to achieve.


Once you can ‘see’ your future, then you can create it in the world.


Drawing helps humanise your message in a memorable way... Because let's be real - attention spans ain’t what they used to be!

I observe and listen. 

I internally process and synthesise your content. 

I listen for key messages that I feel others will emotionally connect with. 

I hand-draw what I ‘see’ and feel.

​(All at the same time).

My Story

I used to think business meant spreadsheets, powerpoint and dry meetings. That was just 'the way'.

You put on your shirt, use words like "let's circle back", "reach out" and send emails.


But what if this doesn't work for you? 

What if you digest information in a different way?

What could be a more fun, engaging way that could get the information across?

I discovered visual scribing in 2016 and it dawned on me - could meetings actually be fun? Playful? Engaging?

Wait, could I really bring my full self to work, instead of this 'corporate' persona I emulate?!

We're drawn to stories and pictures as kids, and we're (I'm) slowly realising the serious potential of this 'play' in business.

(And yes, I still send emails).



How can we be more inclusive with our content? 


What does a better world look like for you?

For me, it's a place where everyone values self-awareness and holds compassion for themselves. I believe we must start with ourselves to create impact around us. That impact then trickles out into compassion for others, animals, the environment... Imagine that!


Visually capturing ideas and future goals comes from my drive to help create a more inclusive and compassionate society. One where we value and celebrate how different we all are with unique strengths to contribute to the world AND recognising how similar we are as humans, ultimately wanting the same things.

So, I draw to communicate my inner reflections.

Visualise your future to create it.

My Why

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I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities.

Let's have a conversation.