Do you ever feel like there must be more to your potential? 

Are there things in your life you’d like to change - 

to live a calmer life, one that’s more aligned with who you are inside –

or even understand who that person is?! 

I know I did. I wanted to feel excited for life again. To get to know who I was underneath all the pressures of society and what I thought I should be. 


That ‘wake up’ moment for me was literally waking up on a Sunday morning, crying into my pillow because I had just remembered - it was Sunday. Which meant work tomorrow. Start of the week, the same old, same old. I was stuck in a mundane passionless rut. 


I wanted to feel excited by life again. Instead, I felt like I was just going through the motions. Who was I now? What did I even enjoy anymore? Is this what life is about?

Just get a job to pay off things and hang out for the weekends?

Why did I feel so unsatisfied, so small? 


I believed all the thoughts in my head… “You’re being ungrateful”, “You should have this sorted out by now”, “Look, everyone else is fine and handling it no problem, there’s something wrong with you”. 


Actually, there’s nothing wrong with who I am – or you. We don’t all fit neatly in a box and that’s ok. We’re not all the same, we’re different with beautiful and unique gifts to share with each other. We’re meant to be different! 


My healing journey started with a mindful approach, taking time each day to observe my mind, my thoughts. Learning to accept myself as I was, instead of trying to be like others, the ‘successful’ ones. I learned to catch my own assumptions and thinking patterns. 


Slowly I began to show up differently, to think in new ways. I learned more about myself and realised it is possible to grow and change. I wasn’t stuck anymore!  


This space is where I share my tried and tested methods -  what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t!), in the hopes it will help you allow yourself to bloom. 


Join me in exploring ways to grow, expand and create a better world. 

Rhiannon x



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Progress over perfection

I believe in the trial and error of being human. Learning as you go, getting it wrong, accepting what is and growing from each moment.

Progress beats perfection.

Less is


I believe that change has to start with us. Even tiny shifts can have

great impact in the long run.

Small moments can have big impact

Trust in 


I believe in creating a life that aligns with your heart, not with what we're told success looks like.

There’s beauty in diversity.

Imagine a world where we all have more self awareness - we all know what our gifts are and how we can contribute.


We're mindful of our impact on the world, animals and others.


We aren't afraid to look inward and reflect on how we can do better.


We're excited to see who we can grow to be.