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Let's celebrate our differences and all that we offer.


I'm passionate about gender equality, feminism, LGBTQ+ and animal rights.


I believe the world is a richer place when we all feel safe to express our unique selves. I want to see a world where we treat ourselves, each other, our animals and planet with respect and care.


Let's continue to strive for better.

I believe we never stop learning. I want to keep getting better, learn from my experiences, my mistakes and wins, to analyse and reflect.

I believe in starting from where I am today, and growing from there. 'Now' is a good place to grow from. 


Let's just be ourselves. That's enough. (Everyone else is taken!)

I believe in walking my talk. Doing what I say I'm going to do. And if I can't, or fall short - being honest and upfront about it. Then working to get better.

I take pride in my work, my choices and strive to always trust in my intuition. 

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I capture your unique story in a way that makes it memorable.

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“Rhiannon was great to work with and had a good understanding of what we wanted. Pictorial form with text and audio is a great way to tell a story. We would definitely be using her services again.” 

—  Tipene O'Brien, Station Manager, Te Korimako o Taranaki

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