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Illustrated Video

Make your message memorable by showing it.

I hand draw visual representations of your content, animating the images to bring your message to life.

I synthesise your content into key messages that I feel others will emotionally connect with.

Example - Streamline Technical Group

This video was created as an explainer for a USA event brand, STG. The brand and I worked collaboratively on a script together, I illustrated and animated the video and you can hear my voice in the narration. This video is used for connecting with new clients and on their website.

This video uses my 'Flow' animation style, where the viewer sees the drawing unfold.

Example - Climate Change

This video was part of a 4-video series I created for a research project in Tairāwhiti, NZ, illustrating to viewers the impact of climate change in their region. My illustrations are animated in the video. The script and voiceover were provided.

This video uses my 'Motion' animation style, where the viewer sees the drawing move.

Example - Regeneration

This is a snapshot of a video I made for ZQ Merino, which is a regenerative fibre brand. My illustrations and voice are used in this clip. I also wrote the script for this. The video was used to help the brands grower clients understand the bigger 'why' of the brand.

Example - Timelapse

This is a timelapse form of animation, showing the unfolding of an illustration I created whilst listening to this speaker. The format can be used with the speaker's narration over top, at various video lengths.

Example - Review

This is another timelapse video showing a brand illustration unfold. This art was for a client called Natural Performance Ltd. Their voice recorded review was so sweet, I just had to share.

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