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Newsletter updates

I have the beautiful privilege of being invited into many different communities and projects, observing and then processing what I hear into pictures.


After years of observing thought leaders and passionate people who are changing the world, my monthly newsletter is a space to share my reflections and the stories I see connecting us to the bigger picture.

December 2023

Time for regeneration and signing out for the year.


November 2023

Celebrating the invitation and 3 years in business!


October 2023

Illustrating pathways to financial inclusion around the globe...


September 2023

A budding idea in forestry. I can just feel the daffodils watching over my shoulder...


August 2023

A football family - watching connection, belonging as well as the ball...


July 2023

Welcome to my first newsletter! I’m excited to share with you what’s been happening in my world..

Tāhuna, Queenstown - Three Lakes Cultural Trust_edited.jpg
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